Hi! I'm


My acne journey has led me to be passionate about skincare and determined to help others to love their skin (and learn to love it especially when acne is out of our control) by understanding it and learning what we can do to benefit the health of our skin.

I am going to share what I learnt from my experience, as well as educate you on the largest organ of our body...the Skin...to understand how we can effectively treat it to get the results we’re striving for and know how to choose products that are effective. 

Skincare combines my passion for products & science at the same time. Being a Biomedical Scientist (who is always topping up on their knowledge and skills) has helped me to understand all the ‘stuff’ that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ of skincare. Understanding the chemical function of molecules and the Anatomy & Physiology of the body and skin allows me to truly understand skincare on a deeper, scientific level and how it all works...

Stay with me if you want to understand & learn about your skin so that you can benefit its health to the best of your ability 🙂 

Amanda xx